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Hi! I'm Kama, 22, and still creating my niche in this world. Mostly fanart, original characters and pieces I'm proud of.

About me

It’s the spooky month again, and I’m feeling like Helltaker still. So here I made another sprite for little old Belphie. I also have a clean alternative because I originally saved it as clean and forgot I wanted her to be covered in oil and grime.

In the beginnings of October 2020, I got inspired to draw a troll or 2 again. It had been a few since I had done that so why not? I have really enjoyed the art style of Homestuck^2 (The story is a whole other can of worms I won’t open right now.) and their artists really have managed to level up the art direction of the comic. I thought I’d try to emulate them as I did the original art style for these ones. The first is my own character and was made after the second. I think I needed to draw that yellowblood first as a test, so it feels more like a transition between the classic “hero mode” and the new hs2 style.

/! I do not own the 2nd character! /!

I went back to drawing Uriel a few days ago, just for fun. It's been a little bit of a difficult week at the start of October, with a lot of self-doubt concerning my skills as an artist. I'd really like to get back into regular drawing and focus greatly on better rendering of my pieces. I feel like that is one of the elements that are holding me back from being completely happy with a lot of what I produce.

Also, a little demonic Uriel just for the fun of it. It's Halloween month after all.

A few weeks ago, a friend had an idea for a Fate servant, some kind of joint servant. I liked the idea and we tried to design something based off the welsh dragon stories. With the red and the white dragons fighting without end. It was a fun process, and even if I’m not completely happy with the final result, I can’t help but find the second picture cute. I also really started using myself a lot more to take pose reference pictures at that time and it’s worked wonders on the first drawing.

I've been feeling like making another character inspired by Helltaker and this time inspiration struck to make a cute angel. Here’s Uriel and I have allowed myself to commit the sin of giving her a previous relationship with a canon character. Because I think it works well with her character. I also used a technique that’s a little different for the GIF. I'm pretty happy with the level of detail in some of these as well as the general style.

A couple of days ago I live-streamed the process of making this piece and I was very happy with it. I managed to fight through the tiredness and not completely ruin it near the end. It was also an excuse to let me make a new timelapse of the process. You can watch it here! https://youtu.be/cqFjOymKKu8

A viewer very nicely offered their character to the chopping block and allowed me to draw her.

I might be a little late to the party, but I recently started playing Va-11 Hall-A and Helltaker. They're really fun little romps and I especially love the art style of the second game. I thought I'd use it as an excuse to do some very simple animating and copying style. There's this late naughties/early 2010's cartoon style mixed in with modern manga that really is appealing to me. Also, this is yet another example of really good games coming from Poland. I don't know what you people do to game makers, but keep it up I guess?

Any way that's Belphie a fan demon. That's all.
(The GIF seemed broken so I reup'd it)


This is another illustration of Jolene, a character I created for a homebrew tabletop rp we've been working on with a group of friends. I recently added a lot of detail to her lore and traits so I thought I would draw her again.

From 13/07/2020.

"Coal and Steel"

This is another OC illustration that I made after discovering somebody's great character. I really like to draw other people's characters, it really feels like it gives me an excuse to get out of my usual design cues and try out new things I wouldn't have thought of before. It's a good reason to keep drawing, too.

/! I did not create this character!

From 07/07/2020.

"Light and Shadow" - A self portrait in the style of Mike Mignola.
Also, because we are slowly reaching the point where these are very fresh illustrations, I'd like to add some text under there. I've really been enjoying Hellboy lately so I got inspired to try out the style of the genius behind the big red guy. With the last post and this one I really tried my best to make the shadows work but it's still pretty uncertain for me.

From 07/07/2020.

"Alix Pevny, the Homunculus" - A comic page mockup in the style of Mike Mignola.

From 30/06/2020.

"Agape - Character illustration" - A Promare OC design.

/! I did not create this character!

From 03/05/2020.

"Hiviz Danger"

Another illustration of my Cyberpunk OC. She's really been one of the characters that have allowed me to experiment with my style. This time a piece I found on Waterfall, which I can't find again because I've been an idiot and didn't take the time to like, inspired me to go for a more striking illustration style.

Also, this is officially the last piece I have set in the queue to get posted automatically. If all goes well, this has gone up on august 2nd 2020.

From 17/07/2020.

"Spyke - Character portrait" and "Spyke's day off." - A Cyberpunk OC set.

From 29/01/2020 and 09/06/2020 respectively.

"Troll Call Card for Blaire"

Another character made by a friend, and I couldn't stop myself from drawing her. There's a lot of very pleasant, cute, interesting characters in what I get to draw and it makes me happy.

/! I did not create this character.

From 13/07/2020.

"vexing Brevity" - A quick OC sketch.

/! I did not create this character!

From 19/12/2019.

"The heritage of the chain whip" - An OC illustration for another of my fantrolls.

From 16/12/2019.

"This round's on me!" - An OC illustration.

/! I did not create this character!

From 13/12/2019.

"Saber of the Seas" - An anime screenshot mockup

From 11/12/2019.

"Verum Post Tenebras"

/! I did not create this character!

From 11/12/2019

"Vicky's Opinion" - A Hazbin Hotel OC

/! I did not create this character!

From 07/12/2019.

"Loklii's hive" and "Gayiah's hive" - Homestuck style backgrounds

From 02/12/2019.